Les 13 albums belges favoris de Loïc Bodson, coordinateur de Beautés Soniques

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Le festival Beautés Soniques se déroule cette année du 27 au 31 octobre 2016. Pour sa rubrique « Favorite Belgian releases », le magazine The Word saute sur l’occasion et a demandé à Loïc Bodson – coordinateur du festival – quels sont ses 13 albums belges favoris et de s’en expliquer (en anglais).

1.    dEUS – W.C.S. (first draft) (Worst Case Scenario, 1994, Bang !)

Teenage years. Mind blowing : “One-liner : the greeks had it carved in a tombstone : ‘epigram’ they said, last tribute to the dead. Well the horror, the pain and the alphabet. From A to migraine, from nausea to Z. Are you listenin’ you fool, you magnificent liar?“. Masterpiece.

2.  Mad Dog Loose – Shiny Side (Laser Advice, 1995, 62 TV Records)
I vividly remember the first time I heard this song. I was driving in my mother’s car, listening to the radio, and I just stopped on the side of the road… This song is catchy, and so simple at the same time, like it was recorded spontaneously in one take. A few years later, I was so proud to be signed on 62 TV with my band Flexa Lyndo, “the label of Mad Dog Loose”.

3. Evil Superstars – B.A.B.Y. (Boogie Children-R-US, 1998, Paradox Record)
Evil Superstars could very well be the Belgian band I miss the most. A mind-blowing live performance (Mauro !!!), blasting sound, and two unconventional albums that mix together pop music, loud guitars and musical experimentation.

4. Austin Lace – Wax  (Easy To Cook, 2004, 62 TV Records)
Belgium’s feel-good secret summer hit. Even years after its initial release this track this track still sounds timeless (and awesome).

5. BRNS – Here Dead He Lies  (Mexico, 2011, Limite Records)
BRNS is an exciting band, ever since their early conception. I remember the first time I saw them live and their performance was really energetic. I think it was their second or third concert, and you already had the feeling that this band was going to become important, and not only in Belgium.

6. Wan Voager – Don’t Funk It Dugong (Dont’t Funk It Dugong, 2014, Unknown References)
Sometimes I’m so bored with my hometown. And sometimes I find reasons to believe in it, and here is one of the main ones. (Yes, the artist as well as the label are Namurois).

7. Raketkanon – Anna  (RKTKN#1, 2014, Zeal Records)
Always a great experience to see Raketkanon live. And I love the video for “Anna”, a tribute to “November Rain”, with a totally different sound.

8. He Died While Hunting – Golden Pine (With Reckless Abandon, 2015, dear.deer.record)
Mellow music written by two fans of the 90’s US alternative scene. The perfect album to listen to on sunny (or rainy) winter Sundays. Keep an eye (and two ears) on their brand new label: dear.deer.records. Exciting releases are on their way…


Photo : Marie Belot / CCNamur

8. The Portables – The Undercurrent (The Killing Horizon, 2016, 9000 records)
One of the more brilliant songs and videos of this year, and one of the most underrated bands in the country, featuring great musicians like Wio D’Hespeel and Jurgen De Blonde.

9. La jungle – Technically You’re Dead  (II, 2016, Black Basset Records)
Impressive duo, their second release on  Black Basset, another Belgian label to follow. Breathtaking track.

10. Baleine 3000 – Gonna Rain (The Nap, 2016, Vlek)
Vlek latest’s release. Ariel Pink meets Connan Mockasin meets Boards Of Canada. Nice surprise !

11. Turtle Master – Hourglass (Chilling EP, 2016, Crab Boogie Records)
Turtle Master is a hyperactive beatmaker from Namur, and one of the founders of “Crab Boogie Records”. Check it out. Good old funk mixed with abstract beats.

12. André Brasseur – Saturnus (Lost Gems From The 70’s, 2016, Sdban/N.E.W.S.)
André Brasseur (also from Namur) didn’t only write a million best-selling hits in the 60s, he also had a very prolific production period during the 70s, composing surprising electro and disco tracks. A fantastic career, and an incredible musician.

13. Robbing Millions – In The No Air (Robbing Millions, 2016, PIAS)
Pop music with brains. Probably my favourite band from Belgium’s new generation of Belgian bands. Since their first release I saw them live a couple of times, and I can’t get enough! Always surprising, and every track they compose has that little something special. I bet they will have a great international career (which is actually already going strong).

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